Your reasons for choosing to drink less

What are the reasons why you want to drink less or be sober/alcohol free/ no longer drink.  It’s important to know because in those moments when you doubt yourself you’ve got some ideas to go back to and reassure yourself that you’ve made the right choice.

I’ll tell you some of my reasons I chose to do my alcohol free life experiment in a moment but first a tip for you!

Write them down and then save them in various places

  • in the front of your diary or journal
  • inside the kitchen cupboard door
  • use them as a bookmark

  • I also took a photo of that list and saved it into my favourite photos
  • I noted it on a Trello board and in Evernote – use whatever apps serve you for this purpose
  • I recorded a voice note of myself reading it to act as my own audio memo to listen to in moments of panic

    Having my reasons why I no longer wanted to drink noted in various places meant that when I felt like I might be tempted to have a drink I could find them easily and use them as a tool to dissuade myself from any rubbish choice I was about to make

    On to my reasons why I decided to go alcohol free for a while:
  • I wanted to know if life would be stressful, lonely or boring without alcohol like I’d led myself to believe or if it was possible to relax, connect with others and have fun without a drink like I suspected it could be
  • The hangovers and brain fog were getting worse – In my late 30s – I just couldn’t get away with it like I had in my 20s
  • I wanted to be a more patient parent-no more selfishly rushing the kids through bedtime because I wanted to get back downstairs to my drink
  • I wanted hangover free weekends to enjoy my time away from work
  • I wanted to maximise my nutritional choices – no more rubbish food choices dictated by low level hangovers – or high level for that matter
  • I wanted to sleep deeply and wake up feeling fabulous
  • I wanted to know I’m giving myself the best chance at not getting high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, breast, mouth, throat, liver, or colon cancer, dementia or in any way compromising my immune system

Once I’d got all these reasons why I wanted to try alcohol free living for a while I felt so much better.

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