Sarah is available to tell her story! She loves speaking on stages and hosting wellbeing events, talks and workshops.

“I saw Sarah speak at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival London and was blown away. Her words were kind, funny and insightful, more importantly she was infectious. Her message was clear ‘you can still have fun without the booze’. Her story will be familiar to many, as it was me. For the first time, I felt empowered in my sober curious journey – ideas to beat inaction, support to make a start and joy over judgement. I’m so grateful her guidance has been part of my journey.” 

Sarah decided ‘enough was enough’ and stopped drinking in 2019… well, she actually decided ‘enough was enough’ in 2017 but it took her another two and a half years to pluck up the courage to do something about it.

She thought she’d be lonely, miserable and boring without alcohol, she thought her friends would think she had a problem with alcohol if she stopped drinking it and she thought she was supposed to have a rock bottom moment or go to rehab so everyone would think her choice was justified. 

Somewhat ironically Sarah had spent nearly ten years working in Youth Justice and talking to young people about their substance use every day before she noticed that many of the words coming out of her mouth sounded useful and she could perhaps do with listening to herself.

Sarah doesn’t judge – she knows what it feels like to pour yourself a glass of something cold to try and relieve overwhelm, boredom, loneliness or indeed to inject some fun or celebration.  By the end of her drinking career Sarah was drinking well under the UK government guidelines for ‘low level’ risk drinking but still wondering why she wasn’t feeling well.  She blamed ‘a busy life,’ perimenopause and any other external or ‘beyond her control’ factor she could think of.  Turns out the power to change something was always in her hands and the decision to do something different was finally made.  Choosing to treat a period of time without alcohol as an experiment allowed Sarah to bring curiosity and interest to what she was doing.  She educated herself, she listened to the beliefs she held onto around alcohol and she got clear on what she really wanted out of her life.

No one is more surprised than Sarah to find herself now speaking on stages at wellbeing festivals, writing articles for huge publications, hosting a podcast and coaching clients every day on drinking less and choosing an alcohol free life in a society that would have us believe ‘one or two’ won’t hurt.

Sarah’s coaching clients love her down to earth style, her support around their personal challenges and the accountability.  Sarah helps to motivate her clients to see that when we make our choice to change we can view it through the lens of excitement and joy and not deprivation and the judgement of others.

Sarah delivers her lived and learned experience and knowledge to the workplace. With wellbeing at the top of the Health & Safety agenda, Sarah is able to speak with authority and kindness about a subject which is, for many, still very stigmatised.

Sarah’s podcast Drink Less; Live Better reaches a global audience with listeners regularly getting in contact and sharing their experiences.

Sarah’s best selling book “Drink Less; Live Better” is loved and recommended reading by many in the recovery community. The book is a blend of coaching techniques, wisdom, insights and stories to help the reader review their relationship with alcohol.

Sarah would love to work with you or with your team should this be an area you would like to explore further.

Please email or call to discuss your requirements with Sarah directly +447762383745