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What I’m thinking and doing now…

Updated 3rd November 2023

  • Personally…
  • Watching Series 3 of Ted Lasso – I’ve put off watching it for ages because I absolutely don’t want it to end. I’m on episode 11 and I cannot bring myself to press play on the final episode.
  • Reading Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.
  • Waiting for MRI, mammogram and ultrasound followed by appointment with consultant to discuss results.
  • Waking at 4.15am. YES! 4.15am in the morning – One of my boys has a new Assistant Greenkeeper job and I’m taking him to work
  • Finishing a loooong training course for my volunteering role.
  • Professionally…
  • Preparing to speak at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival Birmingham in November.
  • Lining up my Drink Less; Live Better Dry January Book Tour of Independent Bookshops.
  • Loving hosting Rest Club come check it out!
  • Writing this page and committing to update it once a month or so.

  • Allll the other professional things can be found here

This NOW page has been inspired by Derek Sivers and you can read all about the brilliant idea here