We’re human BE-ings not human DO-ings

Today I’d like to tell you a story about how I came to the realisation that I was sabotaging all my good wellbeing activities.

Through my late 30s and into my early 40s I was becoming more aware of the mind-body-soul connection.  I was working full time, had two children, a husband, dog and all the other things a lot of people had in their lives but I was feeling overwhelmed and having a wind-down drink at the end of the day was one of the ways I chose to shut off emotionally. 

To try to handle my overwhelm I’d been getting more and more interested in personal growth.  I was experimenting with life enhancing practices like meditation and mindfulness.  I’d become more committed to getting some exercise each week, either running, going to an exercise class or yoga and I’d also taken more of an interest in my nutrition, taking good quality supplements, making green smoothies each day and eating really well.

I decided to increase positivity in my life in as many different ways as I could, I stopped watching or listening to the endlessly negative news, I curated my social media feeds to show me only fabulous businesses and people, I chose uplifting podcasts and audio books to listen to and hung out in real life with people who were radiators of warmth and love.  All of this was amazing for my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

I was starting to feel like a grown up but there was one thing that didn’t feel right…. I was adding stuff in and adding stuff in.  Getting up early in the morning to meditate, to journal, to be grateful.  I was making time to exercise, I was choosing healthy menu plans and all of this adding things in to my life was great but…

I needed to take something out.   And I didn’t want to admit to it.

What’s the point of meditating if you’ve got a bit of a hangover and can’t concentrate properly?

What’s the point of running if you are overconsuming empty calories in your drinks?

What’s the point in taking fancy supplements when you are drinking a toxic substance?

Why would I keep doing all these good things and not stop the one really damaging thing?

At around the time all this was going around in my head I had a breakthrough thought and it was this…

“I am a human BE-eing not a human DO-ing”

I wanted to stop feeling overwhelm so I started to cut commitments that didn’t feel good, I only said yes to things that felt like a “HELL Yes,” I considered the needs of myself and my family before others.  I prioritised the exercise, the nutrition and I took the time to be very still and very much a human BE-eing.

I bought myself a necklace with a bee on it to remind myself every day that I am concentrating on being a “bee-ing” and that overwhelm is not my friend.

I no longer need alcohol in my life – I don’t need to escape from anything anymore. I am DO-ing OK. OK? How about you?

Would you like some support and kindness for your Alcohol Free/Drink Less next steps – Click here – I’ve got you!