This page contains ‘everything’ I have available right now – check back because delights are added and/or removed from time to time. On this page you will find free and paid for resources, guides, products, services and programmes – whichever way you choose to work with me…
I WILL BE DELIGHTED to ride alongside you.


Join the Drink Less; Live Better Email Club. You’ll receive stories, updates, tips, advice and support to help you Drink Less; Live Better

An email mini series to set you off on the path you want to either drink less or choose alcohol free living

A printable (and beautiful) Habit Tracker to support your focus

I’m preeeeety sure you know what a podcast is!? Click here to listen to Drink Less; Live Better

Low cost

If you’d have asked me a few years ago what subject I’d write a book on… Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed THIS!!

REST CLUB exists to allow you to book that SPACE and be ACCOUNTABLE for taking your rest seriously! Book as many slots as you like in a month.

You want to be one of those people who has a solid journalling habit, your intentions are good, you WANT it, you plan it .. and then… maybe, you just don’t DO it! The solution is (obviously) DOING it BUT I realise that’s easier said than done. You CAN do it though…
Find peace of mind in the pages of the Joyful Mindset Journal.

If you’re ready to deep-dive on your drinking habit and looking for the opportunity to bring real and lasting change in to your life… enjoy this life-changing audio!

Alcohol Free Insiders is an online community where people with their own businesses (who also happen to be alcohol-free) come together to commit to and work towards their professional and personal goals

Online programmes/courses

Daily support for the whole month ahead. Videos, advice, tips, wisdom, insights, tools, guidance, resources and more also including… much compassion, kindness and cheerleading with a sprinkle of STOP OVER THINKING IT; START DOING IT!

1:1 bespoke programmes

Do you know you could be doing, being, having BETTER?
But, perhaps you’re not clear on: What you want/need to DO? Who you want/need to BE? What IS important? WHO is important… don’t worry, Let’s get clear on it all.

We’ll be working in that magical place where doubt, hope and action meet.
You and me – 90 days, Eight 1 hour Zoom calls, daily accountability check ins. Personalised resources, bespoke planning and a lot of care and compassion

Four 1 hour long Zoom calls spread throughout the month and DAILY emails from me starting on the 1st of the month right through to the end of the month… there will be wisdom, insight, tools, tips, actions to take, stories… much compassion, kindness and cheerleading with a sprinkle of STOP WATCHING OTHERS; START DOING FOR YOURSELF! ONLY available: Jan, Feb, April, July, Sept, Oct and Dec

Want to spend a day together? Let’s book the date and travel to London
(or somewhere else on negotiation).
Prior to meeting, we’ll have a 30 minute zoom call to plan our day together, co-ordinate a meeting point, establish coffee and lunch plans and map out a rough idea of what you’d like to work towards over the course of the day.
We’ll spend the day (10.30am – 5.30pm) together, meeting at a central London location for tea/coffee and a talk through the first ideas you’d like to address, then we’ll head off for a nice walk and structured coaching talk, stop for lunch, then another short walk and finally spend the rest of the afternoon at a beautiful location to establish your ongoing Drink Less/Alcohol Free plans and intentions.
Are you ready to commit to planning out the growth you want in your personal and professional life. Would you like to know your very next move or action towards your goals Are you looking to establish an attainable plan towards a specific goal? Is your next step towards a better path of living a more
fulfilled and inspired life?
If so… this day might just be for you.
You might be sober curious, early days in your sobriety or 100% committed to your alcohol free life – whichever it is… I’m ready to work on your next steps with you.
We will talk, have fun, eat and drink well and you’ll come away with an action plan written from a place of courage and joy!

Business to Business

Not sure what you want or need right now? I’ve got you!
Drop me a line
Let’s talk!

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