The partying lie I told myself!

I thought I had my all planned. I knew which direction I was heading in and I knew how to get there.

You can be lulled into thinking that there is a path to follow, which should be followed in the correct way, it might look something like this:

 School or college – gain a collection of GCSEs/A-Levels

 Party hard-That’s what you do, right?

 University – obtain a brilliant degree

 Party hard-That’s what you do, right?

 More University – earm a Post Graduate Diploma, Masters or PHD if you’re a proper fancy pants

 Party hard-That’s what you do, right?

 Get an amazing well-paid job in a field related to your qualifications

 Party hard-That’s what you do, right?

 Move to a big city and share a house

 Party hard-That’s what you do right?

 Find the love of your life

 Settle down-but still party!

 Move in with the love of your life

 Get married-Huge party, obvs!

 Have kids-carry on with the party!

 Shall I go on??

Shall we remove the word PARTY from this list and replace it with ALCOHOL ‘cos we ALL know that’s what I mean!

All of this was (and is) totally socially acceptable and it’s only now when I look back on it I start to question it.

What about you… has your party life followed a path a bit like this one?

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